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That makes sense, I guess I'll go 5 pounds higher instead - 55lbs Kevlar 18 / 60ish Genesis Black Magic 17???
This will also test to see if my arm can handle Kevlar if the tension has to be high to get additional power/pop.
For maximum power out of a Kevlar bed, do you still tension the cross about 5 lbs higher with a poly???

Originally Posted by J011yroger View Post
Two reasons actually.

Kevlar has no elasticity. Normal strings are better at absorbing and returning energy than the ball is, so stringing them looser allows them to absorb more of the impact, returning more of the impact. Kevlar is worse at absorbing and returning energy than the ball, so you want to string it tighter to make the ball absorb more of the impact.

The second reason is that because the Kevlar has no stretch to it, once it loosens up a bit it just flops around in the stringbed doing nothing, so when you string it loose it feels great for a little while, then turns to crap. By stringing the entire bed tighter, it hangs in there a bit longer because it is tighter to begin with, and has the tighter cross to back it up.

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