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Originally Posted by jason586 View Post
Wow, don't know if I'll go to 70. Maybe Kev 18 Main 60 / BM 58.

Thanks for the help. What level do you play to break this tough string so often?
I hit hard compared to the 4.0 guys I play, but today I saw a couple college guys (5.5ish) playing a set. It was a whole different world than 4.0 or 4.5.
Tough question since guys who are by definition 6.0 play 5.0 USTA leagues here.

I played two seasons of 5.0 and there were guys in there who recently graduated DI All Ivy or had ATP points in the past.

Got bumped down to 4.5 from playing injured (stupid pride), but will likely go back up to 5.0 after this season if I play singles.

I have been as high as #3 in Eastern men's open, 100 something national men's open despite my generally crappy showing in tournaments.

I am more of a practice court hero than match player, I can practice with anyone up to low level ATP guys.

There are a couple videos of me floating around, I will try to take another one in the next couple of weeks if my illegitimate brother/son gets over his hangover.

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