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Originally Posted by firepanda View Post

I believed that sidespin is a gimmick and impractical. I hit with a lot of topspin and can get spidespin if I try, but it adds little to the shot. Sidespin on passing shots is extremely difficult in practice and actually makes it harder to get the ball in, because it is hard to know where it is going. On the slice, sidespin can be helpful, but can easily cause excess lurching that will send the ball floating out.

TL;DR How helpful is sidespin? Do you guys find uses for it?
If it is not helping control and making it stronger, you aren't doing it right. A well
hit modern Fh will most often have some degree of sidespin due to working the
arc across contact. It's part of getting the best rhs and that is why you see
it in Rafa's TS shots.
On slice if done right, it gives you the fine control over net clearance for those
low skidders.
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