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I'll put it this way, Serena doesn't seem to be slowing down so she will move up higher. I don't think you should penalize pre 1985 players for using wood racquets but it's a different skill set and in some ways I believe it's harder. Players used to play with injuries more in those days. Now they are more conservative. They rest more so nagging injuries don't happen as much.
OK I dont want what I said misinterpreted so I will say this. I am not one of those who believes tennis competition was easier always in the old days, and older tennis was always weaker. For instance I believe Laver in his Grand Slam year of 1969 had WAY tougher competition than Federer ever had looking at the field. I believe Evert in the early to mid 70s had more overall competition than anyone not named Serena of 99-2003 has had since.

However I do believe the tournament wins total, that particular stat is not at all comparable from pre 1985 or so to today. The nature of the game then was alot less physical (I didnt say worse, I actually in many ways dont like the style of the current game), and players in general had longer careers, were able to play more, missed less time with injuries. You keep trumping how Laver won 144 tournaments and Court won 199, but will we ever see any player approach those numbers again, no matter how great they are? Absolutely not, it is simply impossible in todays game. People like Connors and Lendl have many more tournament wins than Federer still, and are they better or more dominant than Federer, hell no, and believe me I am no Federer fan.

That said I do fully agree Serena needs to up her tournament win total. She has to atleast have the most of any player the last 15 years and she doesnt even have that yet. She also needs to be roughly around the 80 or so the consensus female Graf would have without the Seles stabbing I would say.
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