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Originally Posted by coaching32yrs View Post
Very difficult to go pre-med or major in engineering at Princeton or any Ivy and play tennis. Tennis has a fall and spring season so player is almost always in season. Practices can run up to 20 hours a week, more likely 15. Plus matches.
8 players on Columbia men's tennis team have declared majors: 4 in economics, 1 in political science, 1 in chemical engineering, 1 in biophysics, and 1 in neuroscience & behavior. I agree its not easy to study pre-med or engineering in any top schools while spending 20 or more hrs a week in tennis training or competition. Yet, a few kids in Columbia and I am sure in other Ivy as well seem to be able to manage the demanding majors. I had a chance to talk to former Ivy coach recently. He said he never use the 20 hr maximum. However, many players especially those playing the top positions had actually spent more than 20 hrs on and off the court voluntarily. Student athletes can request additional "individuals" or spend more time on fitness. On Yale's men's tennis team, 10 of 12 players were named "ITA Scholar Athlete" (GPA>3.5) this year.
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