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Default 50% Reduction in National Ranking Point Opportunities

The approved (but temporarily suspended) changes by USTA on junior tennis schedule would effectively reduce opportunities for juniors to play national events including team competitions, by 54%, 44%, 44%, and 54% for 12s, 14s, 16s, and 18s, respectively. Few folks, however, have recognized that the changes will also reduce opportunities for junior to play sectional tournaments that would earn them national ranking points by 50% in all age groups!
Currently sections host 1 L3, 3 L4, and 8 L5 tournaments (12 in total) in a year. The new structure would allow sections to host a total of 6 tournaments, 2 L3, and 4 L4, from which juniors can earn their national ranking points. This is a 50% reduction!!!
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