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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
Well many/most consider Graf the female GOAT and she won 107 tournaments, which without the Seles stabbing would probably be more like 75-80. I think Serena can be in the range of "no Seles stabbing" Graf's mark of about 80 tournaments by the time her career is over too. She seems to be taking them more seriously. I already pointed out I dont think you can take that particular stat of the pre 1985 or so, or wood racquet era, players seriously. Everyone played alot more then and had much longer careers, the game was nowhere near as physical or as prone to wear out and injuries as today (which is why what Serena is doing now, excelling well into her 30s in todays game is all the more remarkable).
Serena only has 46 titles right now and is 31 years old. There is pretty much a 0% chance of her getting to 80 titles at this point. In her best year ever 2002 she won 8 titles, she won 7 this year. She needs 34 more titles to get to 80...that means even if she is able to win 8 titles a year she will need to do that for about 5 more years. To be honest I highly doubt she is going to do that. Only 2 years in her career has she won more than 6 titles in a season. Going off that 80 titles likely will not happen. 60 is possible...80...probably not.

Even in her stretch from the 2008 US Open- 2010 Wimbledon she only won 1 titles outside the majors....that is just well..bad. There is no way to spin it so its not. Two year period winning 5 majors and outside of them diddly really.

Than there is the fact that from 2004-2008 she won 3 majors in 5 years after winning 5 in just over 1. That giant gap in between two periods of dominance is a mark against her as well.

Plus only 31 non major low. Davenport, Clijsters, Hingis and Henin all have more right now....that hurts her.

She can improve her stats of course but at this point she is playing from way to far behind to make up the numbers. If she does it props to her but looking at her whole career she doesn't seem likely. Could she hit 20 majors? That I believe is possible IF she stays in peak shape and has zero injuries. But the non major numbers will always be her downfall.

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