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Originally Posted by treblings View Post
thanks for all the info
iīll post more results if and when i can find them
as far as yearbooks are concerned, i have a german Lawn-Tennis Handbuch from 1909/10 lying in front of me. found it years ago at a second-hand bookshop, but have never found the time to read it
As far as I'm aware - and I've had a look at some of them - most of the German Lawn Tennis Handbooks/Annuals don't include the results even from tournament finals, just the names of the winners and runners-up. A couple of years ago I was able to go through all of "Der Lawn-Tennis-Sport" and "Lawn-Tennis und Golf" up to 1915, so got a lot of results and information from them. The period 1919-27 really needs a good look at where tennis in Central Europe is concerned.

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