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Originally Posted by urban View Post
In the book Tennis Faszination, by Paula Stuck von Resnicek, Roman Najuch gives some accounts of matches with Wilding at the Riviera. From the context it seems clear, that Najuch was already club coach, that means teaching pro, at Berlin. He was taught tennis by George Kerr, and had become teaching pro with 18. He tells about some matches with Wilding, around 1911 at Nizza, In the first match he loses 4-6-3-6. In the second match he wins a set against Wilding, losing ultimately 6-8, 6-2, 4-6.
Najuch also tells some anecdotes about Ludi Salm, was was obviously a ladies man and always on the hunt.
thanks for mentioning that book by Resnicek, if iīm not mistaken i must have a copy somewhere
there is one report i read about Salm, that mentions he arrived at the national championships one year carrying 33 racquets. and according to the story in the newspaper, he had to cable for more
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