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Originally Posted by PureAlph4 View Post
For me, and probably for many, Paul Ince was a United player, but having said that I came in with the Premier League so I have no awareness of his career before that.
There was only West Ham before Man U, I've actually heard him refer to the hammers fans as "we", in the past something which really suprised me given all that has gone past.He got a bad bit of advice as a young player, a journalist got lazy and didn't check some facts and he ends up being out of favour with the club he grew up with, fans can be unforgiving.I think a lot when they learnt the facts have let it go but there will always be a few who'll hang on with the abuse!
Can anyone really argue that Ince or Campbell didn't have a better career by leaving? He was aquality player but I think of him in claret and blue or man u.
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