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Originally Posted by sundaypunch View Post
Correct. Racquets are not the problem. Many pro's do not use what we would consider a powerful setup.
Why do you say pros don't use a "powerful setup". There's a thread here at TW that has a list of pro racket specs - balance, length, and weight. Average strung weight is 12.6, average length is 27.3 and average balance is 7.9 HL. These specs would result in a racket far more powerful than the retail rackets that we buy. ATP swing weight is high but I don't have an actual average. My experience based on what I've read is ATP players are typically in the 340-390 range for swing weight. Even Nadal who plays a lighter racket - around 12 oz - has been documented as having a swingweight in the 350-360 range as his racket is far less HL. So, pros have a swingweight say around 360 and their racket head speed is much higher than us mere mortals. A swingweight of 360 with a fast RHS would really wallop the ball - very, very powerful.

Basically, the pros are playing with heavy and powerful rackets.

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