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Originally Posted by Backhanded Compliment View Post
I played it in the 80's and picked one up last year for 25 bucks. We all used to call it "The Doom Log" and even today I cant hit a heavier flat forehand or backhand slice than with that thing. There are shots one can really only hit with the IMF 200G. I remember something about the 200G's injection moulding process giving its hoop tremendous ability to not distort (especially on off center hits). It may flex but it has a strange stability that allows it to be perhaps the most ridiculous vollying/touch/graphite racket ever made.

It had immense power on tap for everything but serves and topspin and reacts well to low tension poly. I have Black Magic on mine in the 40's and its accuracy is legendary. I literally aim for lines with it. Stopped using it because it held my second serves back.

Also, the IMF process created larger string holes than usual... in fact Prince had to wait for its patents to expire to do their moulded vs drilled hole rackets

Headsize is like 83.9 inches and the whole thing feels like a sweetspot.
Thanks for sharing your experience with it. 25 bucks sounds a sweet deal. I have to try get one in better condition. Definitely a classic worth to own. These sticks are not for match play now these days, can't use them in serious competitive singles matches, but lots of fun and vintage on casual hittings/practises/doubles.
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