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Gauge of playtest string 16

Tension used for playtest. 60 pounds on both mains and crosses. High, I know, but others here and in the comments on the sales page have lamented not stringing this at higher tension to tame it. I went up 5 pounds over my regular setup.

Regular string set up. Generally hybrid Cyber Flash or Big Hitter Silver 17 mains with OGSM crosses

Racquet brand and model used for test Prince Warrior OS

Power of test string. Power was good. There was a welcome bit of pop, unlike a lot of the common dead polys.

Feel. Another strength of this string. Firm enough for my preference, without feeling too muted or rubbery. I did notice it seemed to stretch a bit on stringing, so maybe it's softer than most polys.

Spin. Good spin. I'm always expecting shaped and twisted strings to have a crazy amount of spin, but usually find, as is the case here, that the access to spin isn't really all that much greater than my normal round strings. I did think this Cyclone Tour was particularly good at grabbing the ball for chop-and-drop shots, but my baseline topspin was just marginally better than normal.

Comfort. Good. Not jarring on the arm, and more comfortable than my usual setup.

Durability. Just OK. After 10 hours, the ridges have smoothed out a bit, and the tension loss is making me spray balls all over the place.

Playability Duration Good only for maybe 4 hours before I started to lose confidence in it over a loss of control from the tension loss. And a couple of hours after that, the spin benefit from the shaped ridges was diminished as the string rounded out a bit. So, not a string you're going to get 20 hours from. I cut it out after 10.

Control This was the deal breaker for me. It really ruined my first serve percentage when I was swinging out. Man, I just couldn't buy a first serve with this string. In a couple of sessions, I switched off to another racquet with 20-hour-old Lux 4G (still sitting there from a previous playtest) to see if it was the Cyclone or me having serving problems. Both times, my first serves instantly came back with the Lux. Switching back to the Cyclone required me to take something off the first serve and groundstrokes to get directional control. I suppose there was still some life left in this string after 10 hours, but my lack of control with it is the main reason I cut it out.

Tension recommendations I don't know where to go with this string. I already bumped the tension up 5 pounds over my usual poly tension, and still couldn't get good directional control. Not sure if going higher would have helped.

Compare to the string you use most often. Cyclone has good power and spin, reasonably close to my regular Cyber Flash. Cyclone has a more comfortable feel than the CF. Cyclone has slightly better spin potential than CF, particularly on slices. The CF is much better than the Cyclone in directional control. Overall, this string is not for me. While the power, feel and spin were all very nice, I just couldn't consistently put the ball where I wanted when swinging out with this string.

If you have played with the original Cyclone, please compare. Sorry, no experience with regular Cyclone.
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