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Originally Posted by MichaelChang View Post
Thanks for sharing your experience with it. 25 bucks sounds a sweet deal. I have to try get one in better condition. Definitely a classic worth to own. These sticks are not for match play now these days, can't use them in serious competitive singles matches, but lots of fun and vintage on casual hittings/practises/doubles.
You would be surprised as its fun to use a classic racket in tournaments. Guess if your worried about a ranking then you may want a modern blaster. I loved using the max 200g to play serve volley tennis and played it will all natural at 50 lbs. The sweet spot, feel, and stability is just amazing. Also, this racket was made to last and even the models that have the paint warn off will still play great many years. I have even known some players that played them with major court rash. I prefer to play ones with all the graphite but don't care about the paint job.
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