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Default Kalamazoo - Best Junior Tournament

Every match including doubles and back draws at Kalamazoo has a chair umpire. Cheating, bad behavior or parents' talking in foreign language would not be tolerated. Clay super national for B16 was pretty bad with officiation this year. Saw one player walked out of the court to look for an umpire and it took him more than 5 mins to get one.

Parents may be mostly responsive for kids' cheating. Ever heard parents ask their kids to cheat back and kids use "cheating back" as an excuse for making bad calls? Witnessed a parent yelling at their kids for not calling a ball out during a match? How about parents cheering for opponent's errors and/or cheering for his kid's winning point so loud that can be heard miles away to mess up that poor kid's mental? How about parents arguing that foot fault is not a fault and encouraging his kid to continue to do so? This may make you laugh - one parent would say "Let's go XXXX" for different situations. Never knew his son had 5-6 different names!
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