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Originally Posted by Bowtiesarecool View Post
They're not the same. 1 is the top, 5 is the bottom.

I don't understand what you're trying to accomplish with this sentence. You seem to be saying I should have explained grips in a different way, while at the same time, telling me to explain it in the exact way that I had.

Don't you think it would have been more constructive, instead of telling me I did it wrong, to have just posted your explanation of grips to the OP?
Are you serious? Tennis racquet is a symetrical object, so there is absolutelly no difference between bevels 1 and 5. Each of them may be bottom or top.

I see that you are offended, without reason. I didn't tell that you were wrong, because you are clearly not wrong - all you said is 100% accurate.

I just gave my observation that refering to bevel 1 instead bevel 5 gives more meaning to "western" grip (it's west of continental).

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