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Originally Posted by Chas Tennis View Post
To me how the USTA computer NTRP ranking system works has already been mysterious and sometimes does strange things.

This year there are new age divisions. Some players over 55, for example, at 4.0 level, have the option to play in 18 & over, 40 & over and 55 & over divisions. They would likely have better records in the older divisions than they would get in the 18 & over Adult Division. Let's say a player only plays in 4.0 55 & over and wins nearly all of their matches. If they bump up to 4.5 it would make it very difficult to compete again against 4.5 18 & over. Not only that, but in my area when you bump up there often are no USTA leagues or leagues with only 2-3 teams that are not nearly as good as the bigger leagues.

The NTRP system is based on the principal of skill level as indicated by win-loss record against the pool of all tennis players.
Minor clarification here, the NTRP system isn't based on win-loss record at all. It is based on game differential and does take into account the opponents rating at the time the match is played.

If a 4.0 55+ is indeed playing lower end 4.0 players in their 55+ league, they may have a very good record but their rating won't necessary go up and so they likely won't be bumped up to 4.5, or at least won't be simply due to winning.

Having said that, in order for a 55+ 4.0 and a 20 year old 4.0 to be rated appropriately, there need to be at least some matches where the older players play in the 40+ and 18+ leagues. If this doesn't happen, there is a risk that segregated groups of players have their ratings based solely on play against the same group and a comparison of ratings with other players becomes less meaningful or accurate.

Originally Posted by Chas Tennis View Post
Has any special consideration been given to the the effect of the new USTA age divisions where the record might be based on the record against a much smaller, age selected, pool of players, say, already in the bottom half of their NTRP level, that is, the lower 50% of all 4.0 players.

I spoke to one player from Asia. In his county there was a significant effective division among tennis players at age 40 - not many matches were played between the age groups. I don't know if that is an accurate picture but I much prefer a skill/results system like the NTRP.

Does anyone know how the NTRP system might factor in the new USTA age divisions?
Good question, and I don't know specifically what if anything is done, but I imagine through benchmark calculations at year-end and other adjustments the USTA can choose to do, they can factor something in if they feel it is needed.
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