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Originally Posted by SwankPeRFection View Post
The problem I have with this new division of age groups is that the 40+ guys have the option of playing both 18+ and 40+ and most of them do just that while the rest of us under 40 don't have anything to play in the winter months until the new year. It's bs if you ask me. I don't think you should be allowed to play 18+ if you're playing 40+. In other words, you shouldn't be allowed to play double leagues at the same time. Pick one flight and stick with it for that season. You can't double up.

A lot of my friends and I end up just playing our own ladder leagues which aren't USTA rated because we don't have anything else to play in the off-season, while the old farts take all our slots.
You seem to be ignoring that the reason for the age split is a lot of the older guys are at a disadvantage against the spry young guns at singles. A lot of the 40+ guys would like to play singles and not be relegated to dubs only. They may be able to match the younger guys stroke for stroke, but give up a bit in speed and footwork.

As for playing in multiple groups, anyone can do this - you can play your level and you can play up (4.0/4.5). You can play in Combo doubles and mixed at the same time. Don't know why it should be different for any age group.

Don't know about where you are, but after the men's season in the spring, there's flex league, combo dubs, tri-level and mixed - so you can play USTA the whole year basically.
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