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Originally Posted by atatu View Post
So yesterrday I took my two kids and their friend (ages 11 and 13) to play basketball at a local park. There were two other people there, one girl and one guy who were in their early 20's probably local college kids. We ended up playing 3 vs. 3 and the girl, who was a good player was very nice. The guy was fine to the kids, but he was really, really over the top physical with me. I have played pick up all over the country with people of all economic and social backgrounds and have never, ever experienced this. It was almost as though this guy wanted to really hurt me badly. I didn't say anything, just gave it back to him, and of course things just escalated. It was so weird, because he wasn't talking smack or anything, just bulgeoning me every chance he got, and he knew how to play, so it wasn't that he didn't know any better. Any thoughts from other hoopsters out there...keep in mind that I'm 50 and about 5 foot 9. This guy was maybe 21 and 6 foot even.
You could have just asked him to cool it a bit and say you don't want to play to rough with the kids around.

Maybe he was trying to impress his girl, or maybe he's like me and a total klutz on court.

I remember playing at the Y one time. I'm not too good at scoring so I try to make it up on defense and rebounding. I end up fouling the guy a couple times and he gets upset, making threats, etc. So I figure I'm being too aggressive and back of him. (As I said, I'm a klutz on the b-ball court).

At one point I basically just stood there with my hands in the air and didn't move, then the guy tried to go in for a layup. I figured he was going to go around me but he ends up jumping into me, then gets mad that didn't move and took a charge. I had to just walk away after that.
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