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Originally Posted by tmc5005 View Post
Prince EXO3 Rebel (95) + Prince EXO3 Tour (100) 16 x 18 are both great racquets not only for the way they play but they have all the characteristics of arm-friendly racquets. They are both listed as top 10 in
The Prince EXO3 Rebel (95) has a RDC flex of 58 its strung weight is 12.1oz and its balance is -10HL The Prince Tour 100 16x 18 has a RDC flex of 54 its strung weight is 11.4oz and its balance is -6HL
Agreed. The Prince EXO3 Rebel 95 and the Prince EXO3 Tour are both arm friendly but it seems the Rebel 95 is more suited for competetive players who are seeking an arm friendly stick while the EXO3 Tour seems to be more oriented for a wider skill level set of players. The flex of the racquets could also be this determining factor because the Rebel 95 seems more of a solid racquet, in terms of impact upon ball while the EXO3 seems more of a soft, counter puncher stick, not necessarily as solid but not necessarily as soft.
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