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Originally Posted by heninfan99 View Post
I believe Jimmy Connors and football coach Marv Levy both said, to paraphrase, that

the pain of losing is greater than the joy of winning.
I don't agree. This must be a man thing.

To me it truly is all about how well I've played. If I've played my heart out and still don't win, what else could I have done? Nothing. Some people are just at a higher level of tennis than I am. There's always somebody who can beat you.

For me it's about maximizing my own performance, getting in the zone, trying to stay there, to keep improving, to learn something new each time I step on the court, to hone the skills I already mostly have down, maybe use them in new ways to stretch them a little. Each opponent and each day brings something new.

I suppose you could say that I am playing against MYSELF in tennis. The opponent is simply the thing I am reacting to. All the performance comes from within me. So this is why I can't agree with the quote above.

Tennis is a freaking AWESOME sport that perfectly captures the blend of the physical and the mental in its challenges, and I can't imagine ever not playing. I will have to be crippled by extreme old age or great misfortune before they can drag me off the court. Even then I might have to check out wheelchair tennis if applicable.
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