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First, I would like for someone to at least try to answer my question above.

Second, since no one seemed to know about POG 3 or later grommet strips/bumper guard fitting the POG 1 or 2, I went out on a limb and tried it myself. I bought 3 grommet sets from a seller here on the board knowing they might not, if not probably wont, fit. I can now say they DO NOT fit for two reasons - the drill pattern does not line up with the grommets and the grommets themselves are too thick for the frame holes. I would have cut them up to replicate individual grommets, but they won't even go in.

So I just wanted to make the answer official known for anyone else that was wondering. I believe my plan now is to keep one or two sets (since I am looking for a POG 3 or 4) and sell the other, or keep just one and sell two. If anyone who checks this thread is interested, just send me a message or wait to see them in the "for sale" section. They are all brand new and I did not alter any of them to try to get them to fit
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