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Originally Posted by Rgroves View Post
Thanks for the reply. Yeah HRP isn't bad if you can wait 3 hours for a court .
I can't believe how much NYC wants for a yearly pass on the public courts; aren't they built with our tax dollars?
What do you think of these upcoming tourneys?

01/14/2013 Cunningham Park Winter Men's Open - 100023113
01/18/2013 2013 NCT Winter Senior Classic - 100260713
01/25/2013 Sportime Randall's Island - 100023713
01/25/2013 Huntington Men's Open Singles Winter Champ - 100360413
01/25/2013 Tiger Tennis Men's January Classic - 100568213

I'll likely play Huntington. The courts are crap, and the scheduling is awful, but it is 15 min from home.

I've played most of the other ones, they pretty much all suck, and are overpriced.

No idea why I get the urge to play tournaments every few years.

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