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Originally Posted by ericsson View Post
A lot of bad info here IMHO, first of all, it should be called Plantar Fasciosis instead of Fasciitis cos it is rarely inflamed so ice, ibu's etc... is a waste of use.
What you should do is walk barefoot most of the time, if not possible, wear minimalistic shoes with zero drop, wide toe box, no toe spring. (Altra, Vivobarefoot, Leming etc..)
Get rid of the orthotics, only weaken your feet more and more.
Massage lightly with a ball under the foot. Never stretch very tight cos you will only make it worse. Instead do it lightly and stretch your toes cos these can play a big role in PF.
Last but not least look for any triggerpoints in the calf muscle inside the tibia bone, massage your calves with a roller or foam roller.
I tend to agree with you, but we're definitely on the fringe on this issue at the moment. I got a cure by strengthening my feet and have not had any further troubles.

I wear Leming shoes around casually when I can't go barefoot and I use Yonex tennis shoes when I play because they don't pinch my toes. It made a huge difference for me, but one case is just an anecdote, and I doubt there will be any studies on this soon.

I still read articles claiming that being barefoot or wearing flip-flops causes PF. So the podiatry industry does not accept this sort of "treatment" or exercise. Most people will not ignore the podiatrist's advice.
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