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Even at this point, fasting is still a home-bsed solution to problems. The real physiological advantages have literally only been observed in nematodes and singular species of mice. These said advantages do not even correlate to humans nor does the research intend it to. That last bit is crucial when studying anything and I mean ANYTHING related to health and fitness when it comes to research studies: did the scientists intend the data to apply to humans? If they did, did they state their opinions on the extrapolated data? The vast majority of scientists do not and have not. Much like the aspartame studies, there has not been a human study that has shown it to be harmful. It has been in lab animals OR in extreme quantities only. If fasting works for you, then go for it. I do say it truthfully when I say that if billions of people think it's the way to go, then there is definitely some merit.
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