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Originally Posted by Will Wilson View Post
I intend on starting a small stringing business - more of a hobby than anything as I enjoy stringing and won't mind paying off the cost of my stringer.

My question is this: how many different choices of string do you think I need to offer, and what specific choices would you recommend. Remember that I will be doing a few dozen rackets not hundreds so purchasing reels may or may not make sense. Also, I live in an area that doesn't have many top level players looking for top of the line poly or hybrid setups.

Thanks in advance for your input.
i live where there are many indoor and outdoor courts in a high population outside of NY. local store do not do well, the online stores kill them.

there is a good stringer/customizer locally. he is a one man shop who is on the cheap side, with a small but loyal following. he tried to sell rackets but could not and is stuck with them.

in the end i bought a stringer and now string myself.

this does not seem like a good business.

if you do go into it, you have to have great service and or have something the online stores don't have. possibly some computer system with cameras that can analyze swings or some other outside the box service
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