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I hate to make gender based statements, but I will this time. Most women over the age of 40 do not cover a lob over their heads well. For some reason, women seem to have a harder time moving backward than men do. They get off balance and do not use their feet optimally.

What I have found is that the other partner has an easier angled approach to the overhead ball so this is how I deal with this.

If I see that the other team is lobbing, I start to move backwards, as I see the ball going towards my partner's side, I shift towards the tee, if they look good and it is short and is going to be an overhead, I shift back a bit.

If I see that my partner is off balance, and I can get to the ball, I call her off and take the ball on the bounce. If she decides to hit an overhead, I just shift back a step or two towards the tee and we are fine as long as the overhead is not completely botched.
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