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Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post
speaking of the 99s, these new grips seems slightly larger to me. Anyone else?
Same with the 2012 six one 95 blx. Grip feels bigger than the 2011 blx.

Very interested in seeing the amplifeel 360 handles although graphite directly on the cushion grip sounds problematic. This isn't the first time that wilson has molded the handle out if graphite. Some of the old oversize and super over size hyper hammer racquets used to have graphite handle. The most recent racquet with the graphite handle that I can recall is the kfactor six two ( black and white racquet). The friend I know who played with the racquet had severe wrist problems from the frame. When playing with other frames, it was a lot more comfortable for him. Therefore the only thing o could attribute it to is the handle. Hopefully this new 360 handle tech is better.
Wilson 2011 blx 95 18x20- polystar energy 18g @50lbs

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