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I agree. My wife can crank a pretty mean overhead as long as it's closer toward the net. What I do in mixed is this. If the guy doesn't have this kick @$$ kick serve that's going to run me into the next court, I play the ad side...that way I tend to get most of the overheads. She is subject more to have to hit overheads when she is serving from the ad side of the court. If I see a man on the deuce side of the court the first thing we do is throw up 200 lobs over the woman's side. If she can't do anything with a lob that is right passed the service line...we will have a field day most of the time as the guy is busy running and hitting backhands from the back of the court while we are standing on top of the net waiting for the alley Plus I like having my forehand in the middle of the court so I take anything sitting up in the middle of the court. It was great coming up through the ranks. We are at 8.5 now as a mixed team and we are winning but not as much as we did in 7.0...7.5 and 8.0. I have to get a stronger serve. We just lost in the semis of a tourney in Mobile. We had them right where we wanted and just could't close. Lost 6-4, 4-6, 6-4. We had the right game plan but just didn't execute quite enough. We put up about 600 lobs as neither of them could put an overhead away if we put it to the service line and when they just put it back in the court....I was cleaning it up. We lost a few key points here and there and it always came down to execution. We got what we wanted most of the time with this strategy.

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I hate to make gender based statements, but I will this time. Most women over the age of 40 do not cover a lob over their heads well. For some reason, women seem to have a harder time moving backward than men do. They get off balance and do not use their feet optimally.

What I have found is that the other partner has an easier angled approach to the overhead ball so this is how I deal with this.

If I see that the other team is lobbing, I start to move backwards, as I see the ball going towards my partner's side, I shift towards the tee, if they look good and it is short and is going to be an overhead, I shift back a bit.

If I see that my partner is off balance, and I can get to the ball, I call her off and take the ball on the bounce. If she decides to hit an overhead, I just shift back a step or two towards the tee and we are fine as long as the overhead is not completely botched.
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