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I couldn't agree more. I've played with some alpha dogs and I manage to win because I don't get caught up in being the alpha dog. We both win or we both lose. I've litterally played matches where we don't even have to communicate other than I'm serving to the backhand or down the middle or whatever. I have a few where we don't even say that much. It's understood. when I'm not the alpha dog what I do is this. If I'm on the deuce side I tend to keep the ball in the alley right across from me and me and my partner are at the net. This insures that the alpha dog is going to get most of the balls as he's rolling with me towards the alley. He is all the way to the right of my service box and I'm in the alley. So this cuts down my responsibility. Many come off the court and get asked...why did you all play the stronger guy and they don't have an answer. The answer is simply they allowed us to dictate who was getting most of the balls. Doubles is so much fun.

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This seems like a confusing question to me. Pretty much every time I play I know who the alpha dog is. Often it is me, but I play with a couple folks who take that role when we play.

Basically it seems to me that the better I have gotten it has become clearer to me who should take each ball ... and on the tweeners that either player could take, the alpha dog takes control.

Pretty much the only time I say something other than mine is when I chose to let a ball go that would have been a difficult poach for me. If this is a relatively easy ball for my partner at the baseline that would allow him to move forward I will say "come up". But other than that, it is pretty much always "Mine" or "ME".
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