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Default Sorry Head.. I am not sold on this one!

My play level is between 4.0-4.5. My game is that of a counter puncher, baseliner. MY basic strategy is to get aces, and hit a lot of accurate fast winners (down-the-lines, overheads).

I have put around 6 hours of tennis to the head 2013 graphene 16x19 heavier version prototype model. Frankly, I did not like it. I liked the older IG speed much more. This racket does not offer a lot of speed like the usual speed models and has even lesser control than the older IG speed. If you get the ball outside the sweetspot (which is of weird shape due to the changed shape of the racket), you will find substantial decrease in power. I was mis-hitting the balls frequently because they were not at the sweetspot. And whenever I got it in the sweetspot, it would sail outside the baseline because I was getting used to hitting with a lot of power in all my other shots. As a result, I was getting beaten in most points.

I think for anyone testing this racket of thinking about this racket, make sure that you are well-settled in with the racket shape and its sweetspot. The maneuverability is higher than the older IG speed, which is welcome. Also, it is more stable than the IG speed, which was also good.

One more shot from this racket that I had trouble with was the direct ball punch. What I mean is that when an opponent hits a ball that is sailing and you move forward to hit it before it bounces to hit the winner. I had trouble in hitting that shot because it was going into the nets very often. The oval shape of the racket head really created problems for me in my game.

One aspect that I liked about the racket was the serves. This racket serves, by far, the best I have seen with any 2013 model (Blade, APD, head G) or 2012 model (APD, Pro Staff, 6.1. series, Radical, Speed). The amount of spin I was getting and the ability to place the ball on serves was just insane. Having said that, the balls did not have the amount of pace that I usually get. So, its a trade-off but accuracy over speed, I would take accuracy any given day!
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