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Oh wow...the info coming in is starting to be ....overloading and confusing. Now I can't decide whether to go barefoot or with flip flop or tightly laced shoes or comfortable laceless shoes.

My injured foot has never been swollen. I could definitely feel that there was tearing in the heel. Since applying some advices from this thread (stretching, strung shoes, skipping tennis) my foot is getting much better. It fits for walking as much as I want, but definitely not ready for tennis running.

Wearing shoes that hug the sole of your foot kinda makes sense because don't you get more support that way? Instead of just the heel and ball parts of the foot?

My flip flop feels soft and provides cushioning for the injured part, no?

I've been doing this exercise where I stand on a stairway step with half of my feet and rise up and down!
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