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Originally Posted by Spokewench View Post
I hate to make gender based statements, but I will this time. Most women over the age of 40 do not cover a lob over their heads well. For some reason, women seem to have a harder time moving backward than men do. They get off balance and do not use their feet optimally.
Yeah, what's up with that? I find myself doing some seriously ghastly footwork for overheads sometimes.

You would think women would be better at overheads. I mean, we tend to be shorter, have a lower center of gravity. We ought to be able to scurry back for overheads like crabs.

But no. We waddle backward like ducks.

I'm trying to fix this, myself. I'm trying really hard to remember to turn, to keep my feet moving and not set up too soon.

And I'm trying to practice hitting overheads well from deep in the court. I think some of the bad overhead footwork you see is because, deep down, the woman doesn't want to hit an overhead from deep in the court. So we don't back up because we don't want to be back.

I am getting better, thank goodness. I'm making a higher percentage of overheads, and I am putting them in the alleys rather than right back to the player at the baseline. But it is a struggle.
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