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Years ago a colleague gave me a great explaination of PF pain. The tear in the fascia heals, "scabs" over during sleep/rest and when you get up and bear weight, those first ginger like and painful steps are the tears reopening. He had a severe case and had to get a pair of some special shoes as well as some custom orthotics that were built up in the arch. I had a mild case 10 yrs ago that I believe originated from trauma to the heel from running down steps to a code. I spent alot of time on my feet on hard floors and was overweight. I invested in better shoes and insoles, did the calf stretching that you mentioned and it gradually went away but it took some time. The advice of going barefoot might be of some benefit eventually, but I would not expect it to during the initial, acute phase. Flip flops though are probably the worst thing one can wear with any foot issue.
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