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Frankly, given the pathetic state of the WTA if she only wins 1 or 2 slams next year (assuming no injury occurs), I'd question her "highest level of play" credibility big time.
LOL you make it sound like Serena is at her career peak. Newsflash- Serena is 31 years old, the same as Federer who you ****s have been calling a grandpa for 5 years now. Last season she had the best season EVER by a 30/31 year old women, better than Navratilova's 1987 or Evert's 1986 which was probably the previous best. In the event she wins 1 or 2 majors next year she will have the best season ever by a 31/32 year old women as well. The Serena of 2002 who won 5 of 6 slams vs the deepest womens field ever, would win 20 slams in a row vs the current field, but naturally given age and years of injuries that is not the Serena who plays now, however it is a testement to her greatness that she has remained so great and dominant as she is at this age. No women in the Open Era has ever won more than 3 slams in her 30s and 1 past age 30. Serena is likely to oliterate both those records. Steffi Graf for instance retired from tennis barely after her 30th birthday, after a generally mediocre final 3 years where she managed only 1 major. To expect a women in her 30s to win 3 or 4 majors a year is absurd. As for competition womens tennis always has bad competition. The only periods it didnt were 1999-2003 (the deepest womens field ever, where Serena was top dog) 1971-1975, and 1989-1992.
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