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I'm with ya, Chas Tennis.

I've continually railed on the the whole NTRP thing as supposedly being gender- and age-independent. It ain't. And there's no other way to say it. It just isn't.

I'm 47. I actually play singles and doubles. But not by truly by choice. My personality drives me much more to doubles...but, apparently, my skill-set and my "wherever you need me, captain" attitude got me into far more singles matches than I'd have liked, even at my age and in the 18+ (Adult) Division.

What I've come to realize, particularly from reading this forum, is that there are a lot more men in my age group (let's be generous and call 'em 40s and 50s)....that would really like to compete...on paper and "for real"...than me and many of my like-minded female compatriots. If I really want to play some singles, work on some strokes...I'll do it off-the-books, please.

I still think NTRP should count EVERYTHING. All the age categories and all the mixed stuff too. There's bound to be a way to work out the algorithm (Mike...feel free to jump in here). As a aging player, I'd have no problem with be bumped down if my "results" warranted it. On the contrary, it might actually make me a commodity.

For example: With this year-end ratings, our club had ~half dozen older ladies get moved down from 4.0 to 3.5. Some were recent bump ups in the mass movement of 2 years ago or had only recently aged into the prior "Seniors" group with moderate success. Well, the rest of us caught up with them and now they've been moved down. Are they ticked? Maybe, from a psychological standpoint. But realistically, they've got the world at their feet. They can play 3.5 and 4.0...and more than hold their own at both, especially now with the new 40+ group having a singles component too.

Bottomline: I hate all these divisions and categories. I'm willing to slug it out with an 18-yr old who can pound the daylights out of the ball....or a 60-year old who can stand at the T, control their own side...and run the heck out of me with patience and placement. All in a day's work, all in a day's fun. And infinitely better than being home doing housework.
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