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Originally Posted by Dasol View Post
After the match, I was curious whether they intentionally slowed down the pace for a game plan
Nope. That's the way they play.

If I did you come to be invited to play with these fine gentlemen? Count yourself lucky, my friend. "Club" tennis is neither cheap nor necessarily inclusive. And that they asked you back for a weekend jaunt...says you fit in just fine.

If you can tolerate them and their style, you'll make some decent mates and good contacts on- and off-court.

I have not played a mixed match in the US before and am wondering if one should serve to a female player with less power. Do you guys serve to a female player with less power so that it might be easier for her to receive, or you don't mind at all?
Use your smarts. If it's truly "social," then you might have to take a bit "off" on the serve. As a balls-to-the-walls competitive kinda gal, I wouldn't want you to...but chat her/the ladies up....and make some good brownie points.

Good on you for asking here at TT to find out what might be appropriate. Makes you a good chap.

Originally Posted by OrangePower View Post
LOL I'm 43 turning 44 in a few months... so will also be making the transition from "younger" (per maggmaster definition) to "old fart".

All downhill from here; hopefully I can remain competitive at 4.5 for a few more years before they put me out to pasture.
Hey now, Orange...and Chatt. Ya'll ain't old. Yet.

I'd love to have either one of you with a guest-mixed affair. LOL. I'd win for sure!!!
A 3.5 masquerading around with a 4.0 mask on.
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