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Originally Posted by r2473 View Post
Off topic, but have you ever read Proust? I've read "Swann's Way" twice and had a hell of a time of it. Just couldn't bring myself to read the other 6(?) parts of "Remembrance of things past". Such a unique writing style.
"Unique" is not how I'd describe it . I've been an eighth of the way through Swann's Way for 6 years now! Every time, I have to start from the beginning, and then Marcel describes his problem falling asleep and then Mr. Swann comes to tea. Again and again and again, and then I curse "Marcel, Damn you and your petite madeleines!" .

It's not as bad as reading Joyce (and if anyone tells me they understand Ulysses without help from an outside source, I'm calling that person a liar), but its hard enough.
Joyce is completely nuts, especially in Ulysses and Finnegan's Wake. Haven't finished either one of those, unfortunately. Am thinking of tackling Dubliners first, as it seems like a more normal book.

As for the license plate holder........I guess I'd rather not be telling people I'd rather be be playing tennis myself.
I'd be cool with that plate. People just read too much into it, and then the fun is gone.

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