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I played two tournaments, a 4.0 and an open back in november and i lost 0 & 0 and 1 & 1 respectively. I'm not going to waste anytime describing what i thought happened, because in reality i just got my *** kicked.

On to Holiday tournament. I entered the A singles, B singles, and A doubles with my friend. played A singles match tonight.

computer rated 3.5 - 4-6 6-7 (2)

well that was frustrating. he might have well been part of the wall, he just got everything back. went on serve til 4-4, but what went from easy holds got tougher and tougher. Had a lot of long rallies where it seemed we were both tentative to try to end the point. As the set went on, it seemed like he did a better job keeping the ball deep, which made it take longer for me to make progress into the court and follow it in. This was a winning play for me for two reasons, i wouldn't over hit and i didn't feel like he could hurt me on the pass, the just fluttered up and was an easy poke to the open court. long rallies seemed to get the best of me and my serve finally started sputtering, just too many double faults.

Those long rallies in the first set seemed to help me in the second set as i jumped out to a 3-0 lead, with 2 breaks. i would attribute this to him hitting the ball short so it was a field day with short balls. I think i hit 10 winners in those 3 games, bh dtl, fh dtl, fh cc, it was all working. Then he started getting the ball deeper and it took the easy way away from me. i really had to grind, and just couldn't keep it up. Definitely a combination of frustration and maybe lack of believe that i could just stay in rallies mentally. i'd say it was 70-30 for odds that for every 3 good, aggressive shots i hit, he would get them back half the time, but i would miss the other 7 times. he served at 5-3 and i felt this was my opportunity, but just kinda flailed. at 5-4, i failed to close it out, and he had at match point on my serve at 5-6, but i saved it and took it to a tb. lost that 2-7.

so i just have this helpless feeling that i hit however many aggressive, quality shots, one **** up costs me the point. Then i guess i ease up and a bit push a few back but it doesn't really get me anywhere. so its like, would i rather starve to death or get the electric chair?
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