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Originally Posted by Bergboy123 View Post
For you guys that always wear them, I have a question. I've heard that it's bad to always wear braces as your joints become to some point reliant and weak because of them. I always like to hear opinions on this matter, because if there is no disadvantage, I'd love to wear them all the time as I love the feeling and stability (and safety!)
Bergboy, nothing could be further from the truth. I'm 38 and rolled my right ankle very badly, severe sprain, when I was about 17. About five years ago, I severely sprained the same ankle playing baseball. When I started playing tennis, I mildly sprained the same ankle about a year and a half ago. If you're a right handed player 99% of serious ankle sprains come from running right for a forehand and turning, or even jumping up a bit to get a little more action on a cc forehand. I couldn't take the chance again. Many top pros Roddick, Isner, Murray always were them. I would say 95% of the rest have their ankles taped professionally underneath their socks, which acts just like a brace.

It's purely a precautionary measure, you get used to the braces in about, oh, four minutes, and you play with a lot more confidence with the feeling your ankle or ankles are safe.
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