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Originally Posted by slice bh compliment View Post
The famous young writer, David Foster Wallace called it "the single *****tiest piece of tennis equipment ever produced".

Kind of a fun puzzle to string. IF it's in good shape, a quarter fits down in the 'shaft' and rests right above the handle.

The sound is an acquired taste.
It twists less than an aluminum frame. I feel it is more powerful than a wooden one.
Off center hits are not good with it.

Sentinel, it is impressive that you played well with it. You'll play even better with a standard sized wood frame that's freshly strung. Nothing like it. A good wood frame will make your Pro Staff feel tinny.
Nice quote. I love DFW. I don't normally use acronyms, but in his case, much deserved.

A supposedly fun thing i'll never do again - is a must read. And features a short on tennis.
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