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Originally Posted by tennis5 View Post

Last time, we communicated through Talk Tennis, you said I was Chalk...

Now, while Chalk is a nice guy, he is a pro USTA guy.

Since, about 99.999999999% of my posts are Anti USTA, I am not sure you could confuse us...

Ok, well I respectfully disagree with your opinion.

My opinion is based on personal experience of what I have witnessed at national tournaments.

And if you are reading this whole thread, you can look 1 post up from my original post on this subject, and Chemist wrote the following:

So, I would say that was a random kid that the coach looked at in that match. The coach did not have that junior on his or her list.

And I am not Chemist either....
I am actually a chemist... Kalamazoo is a great tournament that our kids would have opportunities to talk to college coaches or have a fairly good chance to be seen by coaches (randomly). The tournament scheduled both 16s and 18s matches on the same site. My son, playing 16s, initiated the conversation with two coaches and asked them to watch his match. One did. Two coaches were watching other kids, near the court on which my son played. Even he lost the 3rd set, I believe he left some positive impression with these coaches because they visited his TRN page that evening.
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