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Originally Posted by tennis5 View Post
Keep in mind that the USTA PD coaches had a hand in designing the changes.

So, is it in their best interest to have their players do Eddie Herr, OB, and then Winter Nationals?


So, the event that was designed, (this small team event), where the players stay for training by coaches after they lose.

Interesting, never heard of a NATIONAL TOURNAMENT FOR A GOLD BALL
where the players stay and get free training by coaches....

Original document had a large percentage of kids wild card into this event.

I wonder who the USTA will choose?
Are you implying that the very top kids, who have already played Eddie Herr and/or Orange Bowl would be too tired to play the Winter National? If so, they would be too tired to play the winter teams. I will ask the USTA officials on 12/26 to explain why they want to replace the winter national with team competition.

BTW, the only change that I think make sense is play intersectional and zonal concurrently that would allow kids to have one week break in the summer. Adding 14s intersectional is also good.
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