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Originally Posted by Topaz View Post
My was resolved after seeing a soft tissue specialist and receiving ART - active release therapy. Hurt. A lot.

It still flares up once and a while...

I've been trying this...

I also sometimes tape.
Hey Topaz... Nice to see your post. I had a bad case a few years ago. Lots of calf stretches and losing some weight really helped. Not to mention.. if you can take some time off. Make sure you have good shoes. There has been a ton posted on what a good shoe would be be.. try to find that info.. it was on the money and helped me. The thing that started the PF for me was a move to some New Balance 655's that I had never used and had the flex point in the very wrongest place for my feet. I went back to my Nikes and that also added my recovery. The best way, BTW to recover is to REST!!! Get of the court and let it heal.
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