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Originally Posted by joe sch View Post
I do not have the specs and am away from the rackets now on winter vacation. I think you questions are correct and if you scroll thru some of the other pictures using the bottom scroller you can see the 85 head size and beam width comparisons.

Look forward to reading Equijet opinions ...

This picture shows it over the retail classic:

This picture show the beam width comparisons:

Yes, I think Equijet might be able to provide some insight into the frame as he owns the Edberg Classic PS 6.1 85 and the Graf PS 7.0 85.

I'm just speculating here but some specs look to be:

-85 square inches head size
-18 x 20 string pattern
-22 mm beam width
-27 inches length

Love to get the measurements on your prototype when you get back. Enjoy your vacation!
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