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Originally Posted by Bergboy123 View Post
For you guys that always wear them, I have a question. I've heard that it's bad to always wear braces as your joints become to some point reliant and weak because of them. I always like to hear opinions on this matter, because if there is no disadvantage, I'd love to wear them all the time as I love the feeling and stability (and safety!)
In 2000, when I was 44, I completely tore two ligaments in my right ankle, to the point where, after the swelling went down, you could feel the separate pieces. During that same injury I partially tore another ligament, ruptured the joint capsule (check wikipedia) and had a high ankle sprain. The ortho said that if I were younger he'd operate, but that at my age there was no point (that might have hurt worse than the injury). He also reiterated what I'd already known, that rolled ankles heal, but not 100%, and each roll makes them more likely to roll again. It took years before I felt comfortable walking in anything other than mid-tops, so playing without some kind of ankle support was definitely out of the question. I feel much more secure with the ASOs than with mids, and my experience in my first post really reinforced my trust in them.
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