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Originally Posted by Love Anet View Post
It's a good idea to keep things in perspective. You obviously need a racquet to play the game so you may as well have the most ideal racquet possible, but this doesn't mean your game is going to skyrocket to new levels. You have to improve your technique for that to happen.

For example, if I had the "perfect racquet" and I was playing Roger Federer who was using a crummy old wooden racquet, then he's still going to whip me easily. But say I was playing someone equal in ability to myself, or say I was playing a clone of myself, then I'd probably beat my clone, because I would have an edge as far as equipment is concerned. More importantly, I can enjoy the game more because I'm not "fighting" with the racquet, I can swing how I naturally want to swing. The racquet is in sync with what I'm doing.
This is extremely true. I need to spend many hours on the court to hone my technique, once I've sorted my mgr/i.
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