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Originally Posted by TennisCJC View Post
Why do you say pros don't use a "powerful setup". There's a thread here at TW that has a list of pro racket specs - balance, length, and weight. Average strung weight is 12.6, average length is 27.3 and average balance is 7.9 HL. These specs would result in a racket far more powerful than the retail rackets that we buy. ATP swing weight is high but I don't have an actual average. My experience based on what I've read is ATP players are typically in the 340-390 range for swing weight. Even Nadal who plays a lighter racket - around 12 oz - has been documented as having a swingweight in the 350-360 range as his racket is far less HL. So, pros have a swingweight say around 360 and their racket head speed is much higher than us mere mortals. A swingweight of 360 with a fast RHS would really wallop the ball - very, very powerful.

Basically, the pros are playing with heavy and powerful rackets.
And the wood racquets were heavier yet (at least mine are), with I'm assuming correspondingly high swingweights. Of course, they were also more flexible.
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