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Originally Posted by maxpotapov View Post
You mean it is super slick, and natural gut mains can not make a dent in it and lock in place?
It is slick but not as slick as others and 4G unfortunately does dent over time. This is the one feature which keeps me looking for The Ultimate Holy Grail of Poly Crosses. 4G simply doesn't provide as much spin potential as other strings such as Pro Hurricane Tour and Solinco's Outlast.

That being said, it still provides far more spin potential than full poly or full gut. One reassuring event: while using VS/4G I've had three friends recently tell me that I hit with the most spin they've ever faced (remember, we're only crica 3.0/3.5, so it's not like I'm getting compared to Nadal...just other low level rec peasants, err, players.)

I tried VS/4G down around 49/45 in one of my PSGT's and it felt a bit mushy. I'm sticking with VS/4G at 55/51 in my two primary frames. For the third Test Frame I might try VS/4G at 54/49 to reduce pressure on the crosses a bit. Or I might give Outlast another try. Outlast looked like it would be the perfect cross but the tension loss was tremendous over time with a significant loss in control, at least relative to 4G. But spin potential for VS/Outlast was insane and highly addictive. It's just that at my level precision and consistency are more important than hard topspin shots. I should note too that Outlast barely dents at all over time and it's super slick. The mains just glide over the crosses.
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