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Originally Posted by Blocker View Post
I will admit that I am an iPhone fan (note not an Apple fanboy in that I don't go out and buy everything that Apple makes, I just have the iPhone). But if Apple don't start pulling its finger out and start making iPhones which are ground breaking once again, like they used to be, I may just give it the flick. Their last 3 iPhones, while all being more advanced than their predecessor, are not ground breaking enough. Samsung and Google (android) are leaving it behind. The iPhone needs to come up with an alternative to flashplayer so to allow users to use products that are flashplayer reliant, it needs a bigger screen, its battery life needs to be longer and it needs widgets. People love widgets. People want to customise their phone and unfortunately the iPhone lacks the customisation specs of the Galaxy.

Having said that, at this stage, I'm still in favour of the iPhone, albeit slightly, because overall it works better and looks better. But if current trends continue, it won't be too long before Samsung/Google leave Apple in its wake and I start looking for another type of smartphone. It is an understatement to suggest that Apple needs to implement some big ticket items in its next iPhone.
I have to agree. My 5 has developed some interesting quirks since the 6.0 update and reminds me of my 10 years with blackberry. I'm missing my 4S which was so flawless and perfect.

There is no loyalty in the fanboy fone game. My problem is I tried the S3 for 3 weeks and just did not like the experience at all. I'm going to look at W8 but Microsoft is also ******* me off lately in work related ways. Quality control has gone out the window and metro UI sucks rusted sack of balls.
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